The coolest necklace

The coolest necklace that adorns pink, grey, silver beads and silver bells relates to Rhythm Beads.
Native Americans decorated themselves and their horses with shells, beads, feathers, painted symbols and protective amulets, its main purpose was to protect both horse and rider from danger in battle. It was also thought to bring good luck and to help ward off evil spirits.
The sound of the bells helps to eliminate distractions, calming a nervous and spooky horse. Whilst two-year-old Cherokee Spring, a National Show Horse is still very young, in ridden horses the beaded necklace or rhythm beads helps horse and rider adjust to a consistent gait and create smooth transitions.
For Okee (Oh-Key) as she is mainly referred to, the colours of her coolest necklace are relevant:
Pink -The colour of love and relationship, it is emotionally soothing and calming, giving feeling of warmth and nurturing. It lessens feelings of irritation and aggression, surrounding wearer with a sense of love and protection. Pink alleviates loneliness, sensitivity, vulnerability and despondency.
Grey – A cool, neutral, and balanced colour. Native American’s often associate the colour grey with friendship. It does not stimulate, energise, rejuvenate or excite so is a great colour for calming and offering relief from a chaotic world.
Silver – The colour of the trustworthy and the romantic.
Okee had a very sound weaning, it was not abrupt but in those early months, she became nervous and would often hang at the back of the stable, with her rump towards you threatening to kick as you entered. Her stable light would be on most mornings and it was thought that local youths had visited her when managers and stable hands had finished for the day. Little did they realise the harm they were doing.
Police were called in, cameras were trialled and tested but there was nothing to prove anything untoward was happening. The little painted horse remained frightened and installing confidence would take time and patience.
I started by tying the rhythm beads around my waist, Okee did not seemed phased by me jingling up the field or around her when grooming , so being brave I lay them gently on her drive line and clipped the coolest necklace to her mane.
It was lovely to hear the gentle rthymic sound of the bells as she walked towards the round pen, and as I sent her off on the lunge there was no panic but a gentle jog and a gentle jingle. The first day with her coolest necklace will be the start of a new-found confidence.

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